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Revere and Release

I am tired, not just today, but everyday! Don’t worry, I have good reasons for my fatigue. I have 3 children going 10 different directions, a husband who travels and a household that seems to get more chaotic by the day even though no one is here. Why is that exactly? When I look around, I feel pooped!

(Why don’t my pictures look like the pretty one’s on Ann Voskamps page?)

So while I was doing the aforementioned activities, I was listening to northpointministry.org/futurefamily. It is Andy Stanley’s sermon series on family. All five are worth a listen but this one message stuck with me. It was a game changer. If you listen to the whole message he talks about the need for mutual submission among our family. For all family members to learn to serve and ask “how can I help you?”. Now that’s what I am talking about! How can You help Me? Preach it Andy! I am considering piping it into their room each night. That way I will get a little help on that picture up there.

While I was busy dreaming of the ways my family was going to respond to this profound message that was surely intended for them, God was saying to me,” Hello? Anybody home? Think, McFly. Think!”. He revealed that the heart of some my of exhaustion is the extreme amount of energy I spend mothering on my own. I am always serving and thinking, “how can I help their future, or is this a teachable moment”? God impressed on me “these are good mothering traits but there is something you need to do first”. Andy teaches in Ephesians 5 (you know, the wives submit chapter, working on it!) . However, this time I hear something new. “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ” Ephesians 5:22. The Lord was urging me to serve others, including my family, just to honor Him? Serve because Jesus got up under my burden and died for me. Submit to others because “…Christ loves us (me) and gave Himself up for us(me again), a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God” Ephesians 5:2. He was the one with all the power yet he washed the disciples feet.

Service is reverence and He is worthy to be revered.

Here is the coolest part! Reverence brought relief. Worship causes me to align more closely with Him. Revering Him reminds me that He’s got my back. He is watching out for me and mine like I could never do. Reverence gives clarity when those around me are irreverent. It changed how I view my service to my family and others. It helped me not to just serve them so they will be more successful or so I will feel like a better mother. I submit to my family to honor the Lord and His fragrance dwells within me. Hopefully a little of that fragrance will drift into the lives of those I serve. Revere and release and He will take care of the rest.