About Me

I’m from Oklahoma but ran off to Waco for college. (Baylor used to be mostly unknown but this has been a good year so the my attendance should be worth some notice). After graduation, I returned home to get my Masters in Social Work at OU and married my best friend. We still call each other that after 21 years and I am looking forward to more. I think he’s a keeper. After a few years of living and working in our hometown, God decided a change was in order. He led my husband to a career change and gave him offers in 3 different cities, none of which were OKC, so we took the hint. We cluelessly moved to Houston for what we thought would be a short stint and now I am not sure we will ever leave.

The next major change was in 1997 with the birth of our first daughter. It started our parenting journey which caused me to want to apologize to all my clients who received my “pre-parenting parenting advise”.  So here goes, “I am sorry, I’m sure I told you some dumb stuff”. My parenting wisdom was further put to shame at the birth of our twin girls who daily remind me that I have no idea what I am doing, but it has been fun.  I took a leave of absence from work to be a wife and raise my girls. It has been an amazing and event filled time which has given me plenty of writing topics.

I have worked throughout the years in both inpatient and outpatient settings providing therapy to children, family and individuals. I worked with many difficult cases and have been struck by strength of the human heart and a God that heals. He has worked mightily in my own life and I am living testimony of all that can be overcome. I have continued to work in ministry and I have a heart for women and families. I have had the privlege of teaching and speaking during this season and hope it will continue.  God is at work and He continues to chisel away at me so I can share more of Him. He has given me plenty of funny stories too!! Thanks for joining me on this journey I hope it blesses you too.


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