What I Will Remember

Here’s how it started. Last week is not what I would consider the highlight of my life. I had a parenting disagreement with the man I love and it left us at a stalemate which was most unpleasant for both of us. We mostly worked through it, but we were weary. The house continued to be in disarray as I seem to be slow to get things back in order after being out-of-town longer than expected. Most of the next day was spent dealing with very stressful issues regarding careers and future decisions. Although we were supportive, the issues weren’t resolved and left us both on edge. All of this and more filled the thoughts and wonderings in my mind and it was hard to think of anything else. So you might think this is what I will remember, but I know I won’t. One year, five years, and many more years later I will likely not remember the details of last week. I may remember the generalities of a difficult season but not the details.

However, this is What I Will Remember for the rest of my life. When I came home late in the afternoon, there were candles and a flower on the table. Two precious girls excitedly awaited my return and I was asked to hurry and put on a dress (mind you, I had not showered all day, not a stitch of makeup and my hands were full of groceries, but they didn’t care). After waiting for their dad to dawn himself in a sports coat and slacks (he had showered and looked way better than me), we were whisked aways to Fancy’s, a bistro located right in my own kitchen. We were served delightful hors d’oeuvres of cheese, crackers and cucumbers. Dinner consisted of a lovely salad and chicken. The finish was two wonderfully tasty desserts made by loving girls who insisted that one was not enough. We were serenaded with an array of music (Keely played two notes on her violin for 5 minutes) and allowed to watched a virtual broadway show created in the minds of 9 y/o twins. For the finale, we were given the bill that simply read “zero dollars, zero cents because we think you are great parents”. A tip was in order, in fact, the best tip I have ever given. Hugs were the best gift of all.

So that is what I will remember, each and every enchanted moment. The one that happened spontaneously and without cause. The truth is I did not want to set down my groceries and put on a dress. I wanted to give my typical answer “not now” or “maybe later”, but thankfully I listened. It made me wonder how many other moments I might have missed because I was too busy, too tidy, or too self-consumed to just pause. So just remember to stop and let your children whisk you away. Maybe it is just to hear a new song or something funny they read. The things you and your child/children will remember most is each other and not the stuff of life that can cause us to miss those moments. I am trying daily to remember it too. Unfortunately, my house is still a mess but that’s just ok!

What will you remember?


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