Monthly Archives: April 2012


Hello World! That is a funny thing to consider. I am actually writing this knowing that someone else might read it. Well at least that is the hope.   So I guess I should write a little something to explain why I am starting this post. First, I love to talk and write. I especially like to talk about Jesus. He has changed my life.  His love is overflowing  and I must share what He has done and is doing in my life.  I am guessing that many of my friends are excited for me to blog too because they have had to sit in coffee houses for hours on end while I talked their ears off (you know who you are, thanks for listening).  They have encouraged me to share with you, so I hope they were right, or did they secretly not want to have coffee with me anymore. We shall see.

The other reason is that for many years I have been joining other women on their journey.  I am a clinical therapist and have worked in women’s ministry for the last 20 years. I am also a wife and mom who is trying to figure out how to best maneuver this thing called life.  Along the way I have experienced a lot of bumps and curves on my trip through marriage, children, sickness, job loss,  death and now entering middle age. I have also been blessed to walk along side many other women on this same journey some ahead of me and some behind with many different experiences.  Through this, I have gained insight and that is what I hope to share. Our time together will be spent sharing lessons learned and hopes and dreams desired. We also are going to need to laugh a lot!  The Lord will always be at the head of our ship and we will seek His heart first and foremost.  I hope you will join me as we ponder, laugh, cry and seek the Lords will for us.  I also want to encourage you along the way to see all that God has for you too.

Want to know about the title of my blog? Well I had to save something to say for another day.  Let’s talk again soon. BTW, I am a word skipper. No matter how many times I reread I may skip a word so bear with me and let me know so I can edit it!